Why you shouldn’t neglect church this busy summer

It’s the end of June. Fourth of July is almost here. The kids are out of school. Summer vacations are in full swing. And weekends are precious times to soak up the sun before fall and winter quickly reappear. One thing that happens often during this time is the Christians can easily neglect attending weekly church services. I write this as one who is guilty.

So why is it important to make sure we don’t ignore our duty to attend church during the busy summer months? Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, explains that God moves in corporate worship in ways we don’t always realize.

“Really what we see in the scriptures is that God forms us when we gather to worship in pretty profound ways, and those ways aren’t always felt ways, which means they’re usually occurring through the ordinary means of gathering together, singing to the Lord, hearing the word of God, breaking the bread in communion,” he says in a new video. “That God moves in that space in ways that we’re probably not aware that He’s moving in us. And he does so by His design in that corporate gathering, which is why the Bible would say, ‘Don’t neglect this. Make this a priority.'”

Watch it all below, which also includes an example of David:

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